We have the missing piece

Who We Are


Our introduction to Pulsed Electromagetic Field (PEMF) Therapy came by way of a research on the side-effect of hypertension medications. The list came out to be as daunting as it is long with risk factors ranging from chronic pain to organ damage.


We found that the state of affairs in the so called medical care is concerned almost exclusively with treating the symptoms of illness. Very little, if at all, is geared towards preventing illnesses, feeling healthier or truly getting healed.


Many have spent years and money seeking solutions for sickness.  But truly what are wanted are keys to wellness. Solutions that help promote the restoration of health rather than just respond to illness.


We believe health practitioners and consumers alike need to be handed powerful tools that has no known side-effects for the adjunctive, noninvasive, nonallopathic management of medical issues.


Our company endeavors that through innovative products and technology, we will provide the consumers with more potent ways to regain optimal health and help empower health practitioners to pursue integrated and functional approach to healing.  We will attain this objective by putting PEMF devices within reach of the bigger population.


To achieve our goal, we entered into a distributorship agreement with EPulse Magnetics International, whose founders have over 20 plus years of experience in electronics engineering and over 10 plus years of experience in the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) industry. Since 2012, EPulse Magnetics International has been designing and manufacturing PEMF devices with unmatched innovation in low frequency-high energy bioelectromagnetic engineering. 


EPulse Magnetics International’s unparalleled expertise is aptly matched by the company’s core values.  The company is trustworthy, supportive, and have high ethical standards. Together, our team believes in customer service because we understand that customer support is paramount not only to the health practitioners but to consumers as well.