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EPulse Elite

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  • Dimension: 24″ x 15″ x 11″

  • Weight: 45 lbs

  • Casing: Polycarbonate Plastic

  • Intensity: Variable (Max 2.5 Telsa)+

  • Frequency: Variable (1-50Hz)

  • Timer: Variable (5-30min)

  • Energy: up to 270 watts per pulse

  • Heavy Duty Polyurethane Wheels 4″ dia x 1.5″

  • Ideal for Clinical Use

+Based on competitive comparision with other leading high energy brands

Product Description


EPulse Elite is a pulsed electromagnetic field or PEMF device that generates pulsing eletromagnetic energy and penetrates cells and bones causing the desired effect, putting the body in a healthy state.

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