David C.

Elkridge, MD


This email is gonna be a bit long.  I wanted to talk about some people being hyper sensitive because you have a group out there selling low powered Rife type PEMF devices making claims to the unsuspecting buyer that they work better than high powered unit.  And you have people out there that are so toxic that they buy into the hype.  The low powered Rife PEMFs do work, but soo soo slow to see changes.  And the low powered Rife PEMF only help with limited things based on freq and waveform used.

I’ve come a long way in the past 20 yrs from being a health mess while taking what seemed like every med on the market and all the supplements in the world didn’t appear to make any measurable or noticeable improvements.  Finally I came back to realize the only true way is to spend the time and get back to nature. 

The real reason I went with the ePulse is that I could not afford any of the high intensity PEMFs other than say a Used PEMF that has a lot of issues getting repairs done.  And I couldn’t see spending a few thousand on a piece of equipment that I may not be able to get repaired if the person sold a broken piece of equipment. 

Regarding MDs, I don’t find MDs willing to discuss PEMF because they don’t have one and it doesn’t fit their culture.  The MDs I did find were chiropractors in other states.  If I were an MD looking, I’d say they want to know it works and that it will return money on their investment.  And MDs are not impressed when they learn health insurance won’t pay for treatments because most of their patients don’t want to pay for anything insurance don’t cover or pay for. 

As for the home user like myself, price is a major issue.  I tried to get others help me finance a PEMF and they don’t understand, no explaining to them because they have no personal interest, and they don’t really believe they do anything to help because in their heads why don’t hospitals and Drs offices use them.  Due to the high costs, when an individual does feel they would help them, the money is hard to come by.  And those with the high incomes prefer to pay someone else to fix any problem they may face.  There is a big disconnect between those that can afford them and don’t want to take the time to study them, and those that don’t have the money that spend hours researching.  And I know many in my local area with large incomes that think I’m crazy to have a PEMF in my house.  There is a mentality when you have a large income that you are too busy to take care of your health and I was once in that arena before I was classified as disabled.  Although I never could accept the labeling, you are fighting an uphill battle when it’s the govt doing the classification and it’s very political here. 

I know what I wrote is long, and includes a variety of things various people can relate too.  However the number of conditions these PEMFs can help is so many if you have an idea how to approach each condition. When you notice the conditions these PEMFs can correct, you can knock out every medicine people are taking assuming you consume a lot of raw fruits and vegs. With this much power from a simple device, there are companies going to fight tooth and nail to shut people up. 

I mention these PEMFs can correct many ailments, something else I notice is the practitioner has used PEMF to correct many issues.  The problem is the same people are coming back in 6 months and as I studied what was happening, I start to realize they were keeping the same diet that got them sick to begin with.  This is why I added the juicing to my testimonial because the only way people are truly going to heal is they use the PEMF as a booster, and get more real food in their diet. After years of fighting Lyme & Epstein Barr virus, the slow juicing raw produce did wonders & PEMF charged up my body to give my body a real boost, allowing my body to detox very difficult issues.  And my fatty liver appears to have shrunk w/o surgery which is a bonus.

 I wish I could be of better help, but people are who they are and like for others to just take care of them.  They do not care to take responsibility for their own health. I am really glad I got the 2.5 Tesla EPulse because the 1.0 Tesla would have left me disappointed over time as the 2.5 Tesla is not much power for my feet and lower legs. Have a good weekend.. 


David C