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Advocates of magnetic field therapy, including Dr. John Zimmerman , all agree that its effectiveness depends on the delivery of sufficient magnetic field energy to each and every cell in the body. They also agree that stronger magnetic fields penetrate more deeply than weak ones because the magnetic field strength diminishes with increasing distance from the source. Thus, the thicker the layer of skin on the problem area to be treated, the stronger the magnetic field that is need to be able to penetrate deeply enough to make a real difference. 


True to our value-proposition of offering only deep-penetrating PEMF devices, EPulse Lite is our economical entry-level option. It is competitively priced compared to its low energy rival models. While the competitors in its price range offer magnetic field strength of 500gauss or less, EPulse Lite boast of magnetic field strength close to 10,000 gauss (1Tesla)+; enough to penetrate 4 inches of muscle tissues.


Built in a briefcase-like configuration with a very light weight of 16 lbs and up to 50Hz of frequency setting, EPulse Lite is unrivalled in versatility. It can be a table-top or a tag-along PEMF device.


+Based on competitive comparison with other leading high energy brands


  • Dimensions: 13.37’’ x 11.26’’ x 6’’

  • Weight: 16 lbs.

  • Color: Black/Silver

  • Casting: Polypropylene / ABS

  • Timer: Variable (5-30min)

  • Voltage: 120 VAC 50/60Hz (Maximum)

  • Ampere: 0.75A Amp Per Pulse (Maximum)

  • Energy: Up to 90 Watts Per Pulse


  • ​Table Top Design

  • Single Control for Intensity level and Pulse Rate

  • Compact Design

  • Air & Water Sealed Enclosure

  • Low Maintenance Plasma Chamber

  • Timer End Indicator

  • Detachable Probes