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How EPulse Generates High Energy Pulses

High-power PEMF

EPulse devices fall under the category of high-power PEMFs due to the level of its power output compared to low- power PEMFs or commonly called frequency generators. 

The best reference to this would be the amount of electricity (volts) that is produced by the device along with the current (Amps) that eventually generates the magnetic field (Gauss).

How EPulse Devices Generate Pulsed Energy


Step 1: Energy is Stored


The sawtooth waveform shows a gradual increase in stored energy (voltage). This happens inside the device and when the energy is suddenly released, the energy is transmitted to the probe.



Step 2: Energy Is Released

The quickly released energy is what the body feels as the pulse. The Impulse Function, shown as a Singular Spike, demonstrates the abrupt change in the peak of the energy which happens over an extremely short period of time.

However, when these Singular Spikes are shown in smaller time division, it is actually a diminishing Sinewave (Echo).

Impulse Function (Spike)

Echo (Decreasing Sinewave)

Impulse Function (Spike).jpg
Echo (Decreasing SineWave).jpg

The significance of this characteristic is that the therapeutic result of high power, Plasma chamber-based PEMF devices is achieved through the quick release of energy as this results to the nerves firing, the muscles contracting and to reach tissues and cells that would otherwise be impossible to reach.

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