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One of our top priorities is to make it as easy as possible to bring the PEMF 8000 Pro into your office, your clinic, or your home.  We want you to improve your quality of life without having to go through financial hoops.  We know that your hard-earned money often needs to be allocated to more pressing projects, or perhaps you simply need to take advantage of the tax benefits that most financing plans have to offer.  We have done much of the legwork for you on this subject, so that we can present you with options that will allow you to obtain the financial solution that is best suited to your needs, and take delivery of your brand new PEMF 8000 Pro quickly and effortlessly.


Contact any of the providers listed above to see which plan suits you best.  Additionally, you may call us toll free at 844 879 7363 for more information on the financing options that are available to you.

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