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For the Alpha Pulse, we have in mind the individuals who do not want to miss their electromagnetic therapy while they travel . At a very light weight of 16 lbs, the Alpha Pulse packs the energy level that rivals the heavier models of the competing brands. Because it easily slips into a rolling case bag that’s less than 45 linear inches, it’s a great travel companion that fits most accomodations++.

We understand that some individuals want a balance between functionality and aesthetic. We thought of the wellness centers, clinics, spas, and households that do not want to sacrifice the quality and functionality in their PEMF modality while keeping the aesthetic theme of their place. The table-top configuration of the Alpha Pulse, combined with its especially designed face wrap, allows it to blend seamlessly to most room arrangements.


+Based on competitive comparison with other leading high energy brands

++Refer to appropriate TSA rules and other travel regulations.


Standard Package

  • Includes Alpha Pulse Unit & Standard Probe



  • Dimensions: 11’’ x 9’’ x 4.3’’

  • Weight: 16 lbs.

  • Color: White

  • Casting: Polycarbonate Plastic

  • Timer: Variable (5-30minutes)

  • Voltage: 120 VAC 50/60Hz

  • Ampere: 1.5 Amp Per Pulse (Maximum)

  • Energy: Up to 180 Watts / Pulse (Maximum)



  • ​Table Top Design

  • Single Control for Intensity level and Pulse Rate

  • Compact Design

  • Low Maintenance Plasma Chamber

  • Timer End Indicator

  • Detachable Probes

Alpha Pulse - More than $10,000 Savings & 30lbs Lighter over leading competitors