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What is PEMF?

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The Human as an Electromagnetic Being

For centuries, the ancient wisdom and healing traditions which originated from cultures of China, Japan, Tibet, India and several other countries has considered life as a bioelectrical / vibrational energy phenomenon. They believed that life existed because of an energy running through and animating the human body, ensuring we can move, breathe, digest food, think and even feel. These ancient cultures instinctively knew of this energy. The Chinese call it Qi or chi, the Japanese call it ki and in India it is known as prana. Modern Science, on the other hand, relative to the cultures mentioned, has only more recently recognized the existence of this fundamental force of nature. In modern-day scientific researches, this phenomenon, which in the Western world is regarded as the “life force” or “life essence” is attributed to the existence of electromagnetic fields in the human body.

In the paper published by Rollin McCraty, Ph.D. entitled, The Energetic Heart: Bioelectromagnetic Communication Within and Between People, he wrote;

“The electromagnetic fields generated by the heart permeate every cell and may act as a synchronizing signal for the body in a manner analogous to information carried by radio waves. The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body. The electrical field as measured in an electrocardiogram (ECG) is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an electroencephalogram (EEG). The magnetic component of the heart’s field, which is around 100 times stronger than that produced by the brain, is not impeded by tissues and can be measured several feet away from the body.”

“The changes in electromagnetic, sound pressure, and blood pressure waves produced by cardiac rhythmic activity are felt by every cell in the body, further supporting the heart’s role as a global internal synchronizing signal.”

Earth’s Geomagnetic Field And Human Body

Being electromagnetic in nature, the human body is, therefore, susceptible to the effects of the Geomagnetic Field (GMF) of the earth. In an article published by Dr Kyoichi Nakagawa in a Medical Journal in Japan, he stated that “The human body is under the influence of the Earth's magnetic field and is keeping some sort of balance relationship with it.”

Electromagnetic Field Of The Human Heart

Such statement was supported by a paper published in October 2013 by ABRAHAM R. LIBOFF showing that one of the ways that sensitivity to the earth’s magnetic field occurs is from the physiological effects connected to low-frequency perturbations of the Geomagnetic Field (GMF). 

The paper further states that;

“The Gedamental way. It is important to understand that because all of life on earth, since the earliest organisms, has evolved in the presence of the Geomagnetic Field (GMF), it is reasonable to think that this field has very likely been used to assist in the evolutionary process, with interactive processes that are as old as the earliest life on earth. The Geomagnetic Field is therefore deeply involved in the living state. It acts as a universal overseer not only keeping all organisms phased into the daily solar cycle but also working continuously to maintain homeostasis at the cellular level.”omagnetic Field is intertwined with living things in a very fun Liboff concluded “that the earth’s Geomagnetic field is an aufsaher for life on earth; ie it supervises the way living things function.”

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"There are undoubtedly important advances in human wellness yet to be made by learning more about how the earth’s magnetic field controls life on earth.”


Ion Cyclotron Resonance interactions in living systems

Another researcher, Dr. Valerie V. Hunt, who is best known for her pioneering research in the field of bioenergy, has demonstrated through her experiments the profound effect of electrical and magnetic energy on physical and psychological health. She mentioned that not only the presence of both types of energy is needed, but a smooth flow up and down through our systems as well. Thus, her groundbreaking research has led to the first truly scientific understanding of the relationship between energy field disturbances, disease and emotional pathologies. 

From the Department of Biological Sciences at North Western University, USA, Doctors Barnwell and Brown also conducted a great number of experiments exposing magnetic fields upon a variety of living organisms and they reported that, “There remains no reasonable doubt that all living organisms are extraordinarily sensitive to magnetic fields.” 

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In order to appreciate the vital importance of geomagnetic energy to life, consider the following;

  • The molecular weight of chemicals changes when they are exposed to magnetic fields.

  • More of the beneficial charged hydroxyl (OH-) ions are generated to form calcium bicarbonate and other alkaline particles when water is exposed to strong magnetic fields. Normal water typically has a pH level of around 7, which is neutral, while magnetized water can reach an alkaline pH of 9.2 after being exposed to strong magnetic field.

  • It promotes bioelectricity in the body through the minerals in the blood. Since the blood is 90% water which is filled with electro-conductive minerals such as iron, sodium, potassium, manganese, magnesium, etc, the minerals act as conductor as the body moves about in the Earth’s Geomagnetic Field thus allowing the ions to flow throughout the energy pathways of the entire body. This cause the blood circulation in the vessels and capillaries, which facilitate the pressure of oxygen in the tissue and the transportation of metabolic waste products- a basic requirement for every healing process.

Phenomenon of Diminishing Magnetic Field of the Earth

Because of the increasing awarness of the Magnetic Field’s significance to health, a concern arose when evidences indicate that the Earth’s magnetic field is decreasing 10 times faster than normal. Scientific documents show that the Earth’s magnetic field has diminished about 50% of what it was 500-1000 years ago, with a full 5% decline recorded in the last 100 years. Based on measurements, taken between January and June 2014, from the first high-resolution results made by Swarm, the magnetic field has declined most dramatically in the Western Hemisphere while increasing in other areas, such as the southern Indian Ocean. Swarm is a satellite launched by the  European Space Agency (ESA). This measurements reinforced what scientists have long suspected that the phenomenon is attributable to the Earth magnetic field’s cyclic change whereby it is observed that the Earth’s magnetic field is shifting and changing their location; ie the measurements confirm that Earth’s magnetic north is sliding towards Siberia.

According to NASA’s 2012 report, however, the shifting of Earth’s magnetic pole is “a norm more than an exception”. The report said that “Earth has settled in the last 20 million years into a pattern of a pole reversal about every 200,000 to 300,000 years.” And reversals have happened at least hundreds of times over the past three billion years.

Paul Renne, director of the Berkeley Geochronology Center, said in the October 2014 Berkeley News, “Though a magnetic reversal is a major planet-wide event driven by convection in Earth’s iron core, there are no documented catastrophes associated with past reversals, despite much searching in the geologic and biologic record.”

While experts argue that the drifting or reversal of the magnetic poles will not result in a catastrophic event, all researchers, including NASA, agreed that in the interim the Earth’s Geomagnetic Field will INDEED WEAKEN. “We should be thinking more about what the biologic effects would be,” said Paul Renee.

Deficiency of the Magnetic Field acting on the human body

More than 40 years ago in 1976, Dr Kyoichi Nakagawa, Director of Isuzu Hospital in Tokyo, Japan, submitted a research paper to Japan Medical Journal in which he concluded that a Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome in the human body exist. He believes that the syndrome is caused by the deficiency of the magnetic field acting on the human body.

Given the fact that the human body has been under the influence of the earth's geomagnetic field and it plays a major role in many bodily functions, the postulate at the beginning of the research was that one of the cause of the deficiency is the earth's diminishing Geomagnetic Field. Another factor was the modern-day living conditions. The structures where people live in, the automobiles, train, and most other transportation used everyday are made of materials such as steel that shield the human body from the earth’s magnetic lines or field. This contributes to the decrease in the amount of magnetic field that the human body absorbs.

"Much interest was shown in the relationship between the magnetic field and the human body and it is thought that magnetism was actually used in clinical medicine as treatment.”

-Dr Kyoichi Nakagawa

Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome and magnetic treatment

The postulate was further prompted by the clinical observations wherein pathogical conditions are reported but the specific cause is not noticeable nor the specific relationship between the illness and the derivative symptoms can be found. On most of the conditions, no clue is being gained from clinical examination. Many symptoms even persist after the original disease has been treated or cured and the symptoms are hard to improve, even resisting various treatments. The symptoms of the syndrome are; Stiffness of the shoulders, back and scruff of the neck, uncertain lumbago, chest pains for no specific reason, chronic headache and heaviness of the head, dizziness and insomnia for uncertain reasons, chronic constipation, and general lassitude or fatigue among others. 


In the same clinical observations, however, Dr Nakagawa noticed that the abnormal conditions respond positively to the application of a magnetic field and significant improvements were noticed in cases where a magnetic therapeutic device was externally applied to the body of the patient. This led Dr Nakagawa to conclude that the human body is deficient of magnetic field and the external application of a magnetic field to the human body serves as supplement to address the deficiency.

ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy

Noteworthy in Dr Nakagawa’s paper was the reference to the “Bibliography of the Biological Effects of Magnetic Fields”, a publication sponsored by NASA and published in 1962. The publication held various medical literatures and theses dating back as early as in the 1800s showing that electromagnetic field has been successfully used for therapeutic purposes and in addressing medical conditions such as hysteria, ataxia, diabetes, acute inflammation, chronic gingivitis among others, as well as symptoms such as pain. Even Dupuytren's contracture, a condition deemed incurable, was reported to be effectively treated.

"I believe we can safely presume magneto-therapy was tried and that it had quite a long history.”

-Dr Kyoichi Nakagawa

Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome and Magnetic Treatment

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Worth to mention as well was that, according to the research, the application of STRONG electromagnets in the medical field has already gained attention since 1915 in a thesis written by Dr Erwin Payr. Dr Payr was an Austrian-German surgeon. Then in 1938, Hansen, K.M., reported that patients suffering from symptoms of sciatica, lumbago, joint pains, etc. but showing no findings in an X-ray examination, found relief when the magnetic field from an electromagnet was applied. In a separate article by Dr David H. Trock titled “Electromagnetic Fields and Magnets, Investigational Treatment for Musculoskeletal Disorders”, it was reported that Hansen even did experiments on himself and found that pain of various origins subsided when a magnetic field was applied over the site of the pain. It was suggested that the magnetic field was “quite” strong. Records of the magnetic therapy’s effectiveness in reducing pain have been on hand since 1879 as referenced from a 1966 publication translated from the then USSR entitled “The Effect of Electromagnetic and Magnetic Fields On The Central Nervous System” by Y.A.Kholodov. While records of treating acute inflammatory illnesses, including chronic gingivitis, have been around since 1938.

According to Dr Nakagawa, a factor relevant to the effectiveness of a magnetic field therapy is the strength of the magnetic field applied on the body. He referenced an adjunct report which showed that magnetic field of higher Gauss measurement has significantly greater therapeutic effect and the duration of application necessary to yield result is significantly shorter. While acknowledging the development of magnetic flux density with maximum of 3 x 103 (30,000) gauss, he said, “We are also informed that people working within strong magnetic fields are in good health.”

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) Device: An Important Modality in Magnetic Therapy

A Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Device is a magnetic therapy device that introduces magnetic fields to the body through an applicator such as a coil, pad or mat. These magnetic fields are not to be confused with the ones generated by permanent magnets which are used to stick notes on to the refrigerator door. Unlike the steady field strength of the permanent magnets, the strength of the magnetic field generated by PEMF devices can be varied, thus, increased to the desired level. The therapeutic effect of a PEMF device comes from the magnetic field it feeds to the body as supplement to the benefits of the Earth’s Geomagnetic Field in the same manner as nutritional supplements are taken to fill in the deficiency of minerals from our diet. PEMF and the food, or supplements, together complete the ingredients for the chemical and electrical processes occurring within the body at every moment.

How does PEMF work on the body

We know that the human body and blood are 70% and 90% water, respectively. The water in the body is filled with electro-conductive minerals such as iodine, iron, manganese, and zinc as well as electrolytes such as magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and chloride. These ionic minerals are the charged particles in the body fluids that help transmit electrical impulses for proper nerve, heart, and muscle function. Therefore, as the magnetic field from a PEMF device is applied to the body, these minerals acts as electrical conductors facilitating the movement of the charged ions in the body as similarly described in Faraday’s Law of Induction. According to studies, results of charged ions moving freely in the body are;

  • improved blood circulation which results to better oxygenation of the tissues,

  • increased nutrient carrying potential of the blood,

  • increased charged hydroxyl (OH-) ions generation to promote alkalinity,

  • accelerate the migration of calcium ions to facilitate the healing of nervous tissue and bones

  • increased permeability of the cell membrane which help in the secretion of metabolic waste products.

These results initiate the basic requirement for every healing process in the body, hence the pain subsides and inflammation goes away. According to Dr Nakagawa, “it’s the electromotive force acting on the fluid in the body that caused the therapeutic result of the magnetic therapy.”

Advocates of magnetic therapy all agree that the therapeutic efficacy of the device depends on the following;

  • strength of the magnetic field,

  • variation of magnetic field, and

  • the duration of treatment.

In the words of Dr. Walter C. Rawls Jr, “The key to producing a cytotoxic effect by means of a magnetic field appears to be a combination of a sufficiently intense magnetic field and a suitable variation of that field applied for a prolonged period.”

"All these studies into the diagnostic and therapeutic benefits of magnetism promise to create a new age for an energy not totally understood; yet destined to play a major role in the health care of the future.”

-Edward A. Hacmac, D.C.,

An Overview of Biomagnetic Therapeutics

January 1991

"Magnetic energy does not cure anything –it balances the body energy, metabolism and polarity thus giving the biological system a chance to heal itself when proper nutrition is provided.”

-Dr R.T. Jacobs

The Effects Of Bio-Magnetism On Living Systems

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Strength of the magnetic field

The source of the magnetic field should be strong enough to penetrate all tissues including the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue, as well as tendons, muscles and bones. However, in the law of physics, the magnetic field strength weakens in proportion to the distance away from the magnetic source.

A study states that, the reading at the surface of the magnetic source is different from the reading at its core. In other words, a magnetic source that is a 2000 gauss at its core may only be 200 gauss at its surface. If the problem area is covered by a thick layer of skin--say, at the thigh--the magnetic field may not be sufficient to penetrate deeply enough to make a real difference. A strong magnetic source will be needed. To penetrate 4 inches, one needs a 300-gauss magnetic field, and to get that strength, one may need a magnetic source of about 8000 or 10,000 gauss (80milliTesla to 1Tesla) at its surface, according to the study.

In the book Electromagnetism & Life, the authors, Robert Baker and Andrew Marino, described how a magnetic field with strengths exceeding 3000 gauss demonstrated that the experimental subjects were not only non-responsive to painful stimuli but also indicated large, slow delta wave patterns typical of deep anesthesia.

Even the alkalinity of water is impacted by magnetism. Normal water typically has a pH level of around 7, which is neutral, while magnetized water can reach an alkaline pH of 9.2 after being exposed to at least 7000 Gauss strength magnet.

Dr Nakagawa’s 1976 research paper on Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome cited several researches, experiments, and articles on the therapeutic effect of magnetic fields which revealed that higher magnetic strength not only led to improved results but also led to shorten period of application necessary to experience the desired effect; especially in concerns of pain and inflammation.

Variation of the magnetic field

In a publication written by Italian inventor, Guidoni Enea Elmi in 1967, he cited the works of Alexander Kolin and Professor Erminio Bossi, among others, where he concluded that the magnetic field must be continuous and variable in direction with a suitable intensity to serve therapeutical purpose.

Joseph Goldman summed up the benefit of varying magnetic field in the article of his patent as follows;

“. . . the varying magnetic field [sic] effect motion of the red corpuscles in the blood stream of a vascular system due to the iron oxide content thereof whereby these red cells may cleanse the vascular system by scrubbing the walls thereof.”

To appreciate the varying magnetic field, one must first understand how the magnetic energy is introduced to the human body. In Physics, Faraday’s Law Of Induction states that an “electromotive force, or emf” is induced in the body, or material, that move across the magnetic field. Conversely, to create the same electromotive force on a stationary body, the magnetic flux must be moved ie varied. The size or intensity of the induced EMF depends on how quickly the body moves across the magnetic field or how much the magnetic field is changed or varied.

In contrast, “A steady or constant magnetic field of similar, or even higher strength, does not produce a cytotoxic effect over the time periods studied.” . . . Dr. Walter C. Rawls Jr

In true PEMF devices, the varying magnetic field is generated through pulsing, hence, the term Pulsed Electromagnetic Field.

Duration of Treatment

In the early years of Magnetic Therapy devices, duration of treatment is a major concern. That was primarily because of the magnetic strength of the materials available during those times. However, AR Davis and WC Rawls saw the future of magnetic therapy even back in 1974 as they end their book, Magnetism And Its Effects On The Living System;

“ . . . with a greater understanding to overall effects, further significant discoveries will be made in use of VHG (Very High Gauss).

Magnetic energy, Magneto Magnetic Energies, in the range of from 20,000 gauss to 100,000 gauss to much higher levels will effect total arrests of many diseases . . .”

With the availability of Very High Gauss materials , as Davis and Rawls coined it, for the present PEMF devices, the duration of treatment has now been significantly reduced while achieving even significantly improved results.